As we know, marriages play a significant role in any social system. In our tribal society, one of the most important challenges is to maintain our traditional values and culture and pass them on to the next generation. As modern tribal generations have moved away from the indigenous habitat and scattered to different parts of India as well as abroad, there was a need to create a platform where all prospective brides and grooms could find suitable life partners within the tribal society. was conceived with one simple objective - to provide a superior matchmaking experience by expanding the opportunities available to meet potential life partners. We have set a goal to create a service that will touch the lives of millions of tribal people. is the exclusive matrimonial portal for Indian tribal communities/Indian tribes across the world. This portal is developed and promoted by the tribal team. will allow you to have complete control of finding your life partner through easy-to-use interfaces and features that can help you identify, filter, and contact potential partners.

We are committed to providing the best service and maintaining the personal privacy of our members on We respect our members’ privacy and personal identity. To avoid fraudulent and fake members, we verify their identity through our team network. Only verified and paid members can view the detailed personal contact numbers, photos, and addresses of any member.

There is a provision to hide the name in the profile for both free and paid members. You just have to register your membership, and after receiving the confirmation mail, go to the modified profile option and change the name to your Tribal Matrimony ID, which we provide after confirmation.

Your monetary contribution as a membership fee would play a significant role in our sustainable growth and in providing better service. We have planned to contribute our part of the revenue to social causes for the upliftment of tribal society at various levels.

Register with our exclusive tribal matrimonial portal and meet your dream life partner. This would help our tribal communities sustain tribal culture and heritage in coming generations. Please take some time to get to know better by surfing all the pages. Perhaps the information will help you decide if we are the right solution for you or somebody you know.

Who we are?

We are a team of tribal people from Jharkhand facilitating matrimony services through both online platforms and the traditional “aguwa” system. The younger generation is tech-savvy and adept at using online matrimony services. However, recognizing that parents and relatives may not be as comfortable with online services, we offer a blend of traditional and online systems for matchmaking. This approach assists them in searching for suitable matches for their sons, daughters, or relatives. We leverage our network of Adivasi people who support us in the matchmaking process.

Tribal Matrimony Executive Team Members:

Mr. Ajit Roshan Tete [Ranchi / Roorkee] - Director & Co-Founder

Mr. Ravikant Tirkey [ Ranchi/ Mumbai ]- Director & Co-Founder

Ms. Smita Lugun [Ranchi / Gumla ]- Executive Member & Co-Founder

Ms. Soni Priyanka Lakra [Lohardaga /Hyderabad] -Executive Member & Co-Founder